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Mission Statement

“Go Somewhere!”


That’s what these Japanese artists really want -- to go abroad and show their work to an international crowd. And I want to help make that happen by organizing their North American debut!


Japan is filled with creative talent, but artists there can often be perceived as hobbyists until they get proper foreign recognition. This can be difficult for many reasons, and sometimes more so for female artists.


The five artists I’m inviting to Canada have already achieved impressive success in Japan. My goal is to exhibit their vibrant creations here to further their trajectories as rising stars of the Japanese art world.


I believe that inviting these artists to Canada will lead to a fruitful exchange: Canadians get to meet inspiring artists and view their truly original work, and in turn, the artists get to experience the diversity of Canada and gain a new perspective of their work.


Personally, I can’t wait to witness these artists push their creative limits beyond the boundaries of their home country and really “Go Somewhere!”.

Tony Girardin  -  CV


Tony Girardin is a Montreal-based filmmaker who is constantly on the lookout for human stories that leave a mark and make the world a better place.


Girardin has produced content for the CBC, the Documentary Channel, National Geographic, and has extensive experience in the festival and theatrical film worlds. He is proud to have been nominated for a Juno Award and three Canadian Screen Awards.


Visual Arts have always been a part of Girardin’s life. He finds the medium to be the purest form of storytelling, and a great way of charting humanity over time. In recent years, Girardin has become more involved in the arts, and was the lead organizer of last year’s art tour with the works of acclaimed folk singer David Francey.

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